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Operation Funding for the Cal Tahoe JPA is handled through El Dorado County as part of the contract with the County and is made up of:

  • Property taxes
  • Special taxes
  • Benefit assessment
  • Ambulance billing
  • Approximately $13M annually (Combined total for both CSA 3&7)
  • 40% from tax/assessments
  • 60% from ambulance billing
  • The EMS Agency is funded thru the County’s General Fund

The Cal Tahoe JPA is funded from specified identified CSA No. 3 funding sources and is primarily a fixed price contract with annual adjustments plus standby revenue. Each year the operational stipend is evaluated and adjusted based on the CPI for the upcoming year. Interfacility transfers (IFT) are not counted as part of the overall response volume but rather are billed under a separate category. 

Fiscal / budgetary planning is done by the Executive Director in cooperation with the Fire Chiefs. A fiscal year financial budget is developed and then presented to the Board for evaluation, recommendations and revisions prior to acceptance and approval by the Board. Accounting for the Cal Tahoe JPA is handled through the accounting firm of Robert Merritt, CPA. 

Cal Tahoe has financial accounts at Bank of the West located at 2161 Lake Tahoe Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150. (530) 541-3390, including a Money Market Account.  An additional operating and checking account is established with El Dorado County to facilitate accounting operations with the County assuming the role of Cal Tahoe Accountant.

For additional information on what has been reported to the state, please refer to the following links