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El Dorado County Meetings

May contain: wood, transportation, truck, and vehicle

Cal Tahoe participates in ongoing regularly scheduled meetings through the EMSA that include:

  • MAC – Medical Advisory Council. This team is made up of all agencies within El Dorado County involved in providing pre-hospital care and includes Barton Memorial Hospital, Marshall Medical Center, El Dorado County EMSA staff and Medical Director. The group is tasked with evaluation and review of policies and procedures, equipment reviews and act as a conduit of information from the EMSA back to agencies.
  • PAC – Paramedic Advisory Committee is work group of paramedics representing El Dorado County EMSA agencies designed to allow medics the opportunity to research changes in practice that they would like to see and present to MAC for review and approval
  • CQI – Continuous Quality Improvement is set up to review patient care and areas of improvement and develop educational opportunities based on identified needs.